Problema no es igual a situación problemática

Para el docente:

El presente trabajo tiene su origen en un debate en el ámbito de la Cámara de Diputados de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, sugerimos que los alumnos trabajen exclusivamente en grupos de tres miembros cada uno y traten de completar ordenadamente las respuestas para hacer una buena propuesta final.

Lo único que difiere de la propuesta real son los valores. ¿Motivo? para que no escape a los niveles de contextualización adolescente.

Conviene recordar:

Lo esencial de hacer matemática radica en la capacidad para resolver problemas... Una afirmación nos dice que "un buen libro de matemática no es tal por la cantidad de ejercicios que presenta, no lo es por el número de representaciones gráficas que acumule, sino por la calidad de los problemas que presente".

La resolución racional de problemas es propia del hombre y es éste quien ha creado un modelo teórico, llamado matemática, capaz de hacer frente a las dificultades que a diario se le presenten y modelizar la resolución adaptándola para circunstancias semejantes.

Para hacer efectiva, en el aula, esta idea resulta imprescindible:

  1. Un docente resolutor (nadie puede hacer resolver a otros cosas que él no resuelve).
  2. Alumnos con interés en resolver problemas.
  3. Problemas que sean tales (no enunciados con soluciones únicas y resultados seguros).
  4. Alumnos conocedores de estrategias mínimas de resolución.
  5. Alumnos con suficiente independencia para arriesgar una solución y ponerla a consideración.
  6. Ambiente democrático donde "hacer el problema" signifique aprender con libertad, aceptando el error para construir el conocimiento y justificando las soluciones.
  7. Ambiente propicio para validar e institucionalizar soluciones, procedimientos y conceptos.

Todo problema tiene, en su resolución, tres momentos fundamentales; orientación, ejecución y control.

Veamos en una sinopsis estas cuestiones:

Para los alumnos:

En el marco de la Ley Impositiva, que fuera oportunamente discutida en la Cámara de Diputados de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, uno de los artículos de degravación impositiva expresa:

"Para recibir algún tipo de beneficio impositivo toda empresa industrial debe subsidiar anualmente, a la investigación científica, con un valor equivalente a 1000 unidades monetarias menos que el 12% de sus ganancias del primer semestre de cada año".

  • ¿Qué tipo de empresas estarán de acuerdo con este artículo?
  • ¿Con este artículo, todas las empresas están obligadas a subsidiar a la investigación?
  • Si una empresa A, subsidia a una Universidad con 13000 unidades monetarias durante el año 2009 de acuerdo a las ganancias del primer semestre de 2008, ¿Podría saber ARBA cuánto ganó la empresa en el primer semestre de 2004?

Ahora bien, el diputado NN presentó otra propuesta a este artículo expresando lo siguiente:

"Para recibir beneficios impositivos una empresa debe subsidiar a la investigación científica con un monto equivalente a 10000 unidades monetarias menos el 80% de sus ganancias operadas en el primer semestre del año anterior".

Para comparar ambas situaciones te proponemos te preguntes:

  • ¿A qué tipo de empresas beneficia esta propuesta?
  • ¿Podríamos establecer, a priori, si alguna de las dos propuestas responde a intereses particulares de algunos capitales?
  • Si la empresa B otorgó para el año 2005, un subsidio a un equipo de investigación petrolera de 8000 unidades monetarias de acuerdo a sus ganancias del primer semestre del año anterior. ¿Puede saber ARBA cuánto ganó esta empresa en ese periodo?
  • Bajo la propuesta de NN, ¿Todas las empresas están obligadas a subsidiar?

Una forma de comparar ambas situaciones es bosquejar una gráfica, representando los comportamientos lineales de los dos proyectos.

¿Podrías obtener conclusiones de una gráfica, una vez construida la misma?

Si fueses asesor de la Cámara de Diputados y te pidieran un proyecto consensuado (Ambas posturas en acuerdo).

¿Podrías redactar un proyecto alternativo que acerque a las partes?

Si la discusión en la Cámara es de algunos años atrás lo planteado es un PROBLEMA, mientras que si es un debate público de la política actual entonces es una SITUACIÓN PROBLEMÁTICA.


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It louis vuitton bags is that time of the week again - It 's Wednesday ! With New York sweltering heat wave that shows no signs of hope , Bea , Shannon and I still lusting after the summer will be that there will somehow make their way into our room . This week , that means that a Gucci bag , Ray - Ban sunglasses and Oribe hair products .
If the weather where you are is not disgusting , count yourself lucky . He hellaciously hot and humid in New York , and from what I hear , it can rain and Gross back in my hometown of Atlanta . In both of these issues , I will think of the hair products that I want to have in my arsenal that is now missing : Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray . I use the spray this past summer when the recommendation of my stylist , and even the price , it is something I re - bought several times . It is a source of a dry shampoo and hairspray ; she leaves your hair is not oily , but it does not have that odd free buildup that most dry shampoos out . It also has a hold on it , louis vuitton outlet store which most dry shampoos do not have , which makes it great for messy curls or waves , which stands for the summer inclement weather . I may pick up a bottle for myself on the way home . By Net - a - Porter for $ 39 .
Well , it is official . I 'm obsessed with sunglasses . For all the time , I have a hard time finding sunglasses that I want to look good for me . That the time has passed , and now it looks like every pair I pick , I think . My latest obsession is no doubt this Ray - Ban Bubble wrap Aviator sunglasses . They are Ray - bans . They are aviators . Need I say more ? Congratulations , I love the gradient brown lenses as they soften just about any look . Plus , this uber fashionable and lightweight pair of sunnies will set me back less than a hundred dollars ! I do not want this , I want this ! Buy through Nordstrom for $ 99 .
Life is always easy in the summertime , especially when you are on the beach . Less clothing , more casual Sandals , and most important , gucci at least . Without the fuss of lugging around umbrellas , scarves , gloves and all the winter will be , I always find my bag when it 's summertime , which may explain why I seriously lusting over this Gucci Soho Leather shoulder Bag . It is small , simple and bold , which makes it perfect to carry around all of me . As much as I love this bag for the summer , the color red is also easy Transitional other seasons , which makes the bag has a capacity , as I think you call it . Although I promised myself I splurges for the season was almost over , I do not think that I make it to the fall does not have one . Bought it for $ 1,195 via Saks Fifth Avenue .
Here is the English model and actress Rosie Huntington - Whiteley , Sporting intermediate tones in an effort to put in with the airport community in Sydney , Australia , but do not have - that bright red Gucci bamboo Shopping Tote and general supermodel carefully put it away almost instantly . Try as you might , you can not take a bad photo of this chicken . You can louis vuitton snag Rosie the Gucci bag for $ 1,890 at Neiman Marcus .
If you want a peek at Rosie 's not very expensive designer handbag , you will see " The Many Bags of Rosie Huntington - Whiteley " . This Brit loves bright colors , supple and textures of Burberry . It actually love Burberry , but extensive history with the brand , is no surprise to know that more than a few more bags will end up in permanent rotation .
When I set my eyes on the Gucci Lady Lock Bag yesterday , I thought immediately of our recent discussions in designer carry bags to the office . Even if some of the bags ( especially the ones with bamboo handles ) is a little recognizable , the overall look - subtle , refined , all elegant - strikes me as one that will find itself at home in even a conservative work environment , especially in non - Leathers . Think of it as the kindler , gentler alternative to the Gucci Lady buckle Bag .
After most of the Tom Ford era at Gucci , Frida Giannini 's story in the sector have largely is a tie . Especially when it comes to accessories , Giannini 's michael kors outlet online success simmered Gucci down to its essence , using names like bamboo handles and horsebit hardware in the ever more modern . Many of the bags appeared in the Fall 2013 Gucci runway , and featured in a show usually the ones that the designer saw as the clearest harbinger of a writer 's intentions . If that is the case , we headed to an even more refined time for the class .
One of my favorite things about fashion is that it gives people permission to be impractical . Sometimes you need a pair of six - inch heels that you can not exactly walk in or a dress that fits correctly only when you 're standing or a Maxi Dress so voluminous that it has caught in the wheels of your work bench . ( The best ? A thing that I have . Wear to work . Often . Because I can . ) Fashion can indulge a little frivolous side of their own , and even if is not as much time for frivolity men to women , the Gucci Natural Python Duffel Bag is a strong opportunity for dudes to be a little ridiculous .
If you already have a Python handbag before , you louis vuitton bags know that the data that will be a fine . Even if I trust Gucci to have this kind of bag to wear - resistent , the truth - Python is not as hardy as regular cow leather . Which is ok , but , because in fashion , it is not always necessary . Nothing will be as beautiful as possible , even if it prohibits all use a little . This bag will still work just fine as a weekender , of course , but you or your men will only have to take a little more care because of snakeskin . A bag is beautiful , I think that you can control . I know that I always will . ( Even if my girlfriend constantly wheeling himself Maxi dress , so maybe I was overconfident in my ability . ) If you think that you will treat this Gucci bag with the responsible Design necessary , pick it up for $ 4,500 via Saks .
Luxury - industry insiders louis vuitton outlet online and moguls Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit 2013 in Vienna , Austria , over the past few days , and a lot of interesting tidbits of information from the appearance of the who 's - who list of speakers , including luminaries like Alexis Babeau , managing Director of Luxury in Kering , and Andrew Rosen , CEO of imagery and Helmut Lang ( and a or major investor in Proenza Schouler , among others ) . For our purposes , the most interesting is Gucci President and CEO Patrizio di Marco , who spoke at length about the brand 's commitment to consciousness , which has a contract to stop using the environment - polluting PVC in its products in the next three years .
The language is also part of a larger state that di Marco at the top of his company environmental and social efforts . As the Financial Times ' Luxury 360 Twitter account , di Marco spoke of the enormous opportunity that luxury brands have in the future with the user who is currently the youth , and that the younger people are more than anyone realized - the environment changes , economic conditions and a brand 's commitment to all those Philanthropy for the current user , and will have more in the future , than they ever have before . He went on to talk about his company 100 % proof of employment , which means that Gucci is in all as all health , safety and environment rights wherever they do business have a track , something he called a " rarity , " even in the luxury louis vuitton store . In the light of the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh a few weeks ago , it may be limited in the future .
The CEO also promised some environmental goals for Gucci , and among them is the elimination of PVC from the company by 2016 and elimination of all hazardous chemicals from Gucci the wares from 2030 . Not only will that be good for the environment - PVC is a damaging , pollution - the data to design and use of carcinogenic substances , etc. - but the customers will luxury will welcome the news as well . PVC is not , do not do it , a luxury materials , and paying top dollar - the bags out of it always struck me as a bit offensive , even if I have the time time to find one I like .
Gucci is an enormously powerful and influential names in the luxury accessories , so this change may be general - is that Gucci end some of its more environmentally harmful practices , including use of PVC , which may be the next to jump on the bandwagon match ? If you have heard that PVC eschewed by at least a size ?
There are many louis vuitton handbags things to admire about Gucci , but today , the best that I broke most is the promise interesting hardware . Horse bits , stirrups , bamboo - the Gucci has a life of adorning his bag of interesting signature metal work . Gucci fall 2013 , the go - to piece seems to be a big , bold , rectangular buckle that 's being referred to as the Gucci Lady buckle and is often paired with striking jaguar print . ( Just like the war for me , but remember , we 'll go with Gucci 's story that it is . )
If that is a little too bold for you , you can get the content for a black leather version of Gucci Lady buckle Tote is a jaguar - bamboo bag . As always , other staples are plentiful in the writing or - lush Python , logo hardware and Guccissima prints . See our favorites from the off - the - runway collections below are all sorts of Neiman Marcus !
For the past few seasons , Frida Giannini , Creative Director of Gucci , brought the family back to the forefront of our minds . With a steely adorable together , Gucci fall 2013 focuses Louis Vuitton Sale on creating silhouettes with femme fatale touches on everything . The color scheme is deep and sultry , with wine , rust , moss green and cerulean blue . With great attention paid to detail , the accessories steal the show ( with evening wear ) .
Calfskin and exotic skins , such as Python and alligator , structured bags archival locks that provide a retro . Many know Gucci to its iconic bamboo handle , and this clearly back in the manner and proportions as a focus for the fall . This writing is strong , and I think that will continue to see Gucci steps , which means many of us will be stepping up to be like . Shop Gucci online .
Gucci has crept its way into the hearts , minds and closets of the PurseBlog staff over the past year , so we were pretty psyched to see more great and covetable options to make their way to in today 's Gucci Rue La La . Besides bags ( and have enough good ones to choose from ) , have a huge selection of Watches , sunglasses and a handful of shoes .
I feel like I was the " spring is coming " talk over the michael kors past six weeks , and even if I know that I sound like a broken record , this is the winter weather has gone on for so long that I feel like I ' m back again much to convince myself that it is true as to talk about spring fashion . As I write this , it is 45 degrees in early April and I set out for the warmer weather for a little bit of a vacation , but to make it this far , I was to give myself to the delusion ( it feels like a delusion ) that one day , the Gucci Leather and Raffia Holdall be a weather - appropriate choice for a weekend beach trip someplace in town .
Will not that be ideal ? Leave work early in the summer on Friday to head off on a road trip with a nice gent hauling your bathing suits and flip - flops in in a raffia keepall that so much more luxurious than raffia . If you or your life is the quality of the people who change your weekender travel bag of the season ( lucky you ) , then a dark but still the summer - textured like this one michael kors handbags is all ; she will not wear well as a lot more light raffia , but it still has the feel of a tropical vacation , especially with the tanned leather accents . By Net - a - Porter for $ 1,950 .
Lately , my relationship with and love for Gucci growth . The class is always in my heart and always iconic , but has been a recent resurgence that brought back the Classics with a twist now and I , for one , will not happier . I barely see my Lady stirrup bag , and now I 've got nothing but love for the Gucci Horsebit shoulder Bag .
I 've spent the past few weeks to play with two versions of this bag , a strong blue patent leather while the other in gray animalier karung - hard . The blue version immediately lures you in , but I find it a little difficult to clean and smudge - free , while the animalier karung options have all my heart . The bag is beautifully designed , with a long shoulder Strap and plenty of room in the interior , but the exterior is what still makes me laugh . The skin is thick and will Christian Louboutin online last as long as comfortable and luxurious .
As the weather begins to warm up , I find myself drawn to the lighter and easy - to - carry bag that will not weigh me down , and the Gucci shoulder bag fits the bill . There are tons of different options available , and the addition of a great everyday shoulder bag will immediately change your accessory wardrobe . The best part of all things ( after the impeccable simplicity ) ? Value . The blue patent leather version is $ 890 at Gucci , the karung - print version is $ 1,150 at Gucci .
In the world of accessories , Gucci has some of the best - known and most unique signature for content . Horsebits , stirrups , the famous Flora print , green - and - red webbed stripes - there are a lot of non - logo system that you can immediately tell you are looking for a Gucci bag . Perhaps the most recognizably bit of Gucci regalia , however , is bamboo . Report in 1947 , the famed bamboo handle is a modern upgrade in matte black for Gucci Fall 2013 ..
A little of the traditional brown ( add a little bit louis vuitton of the bag 's color ) peeks through in this new , modern bamboo , but the mind is a Tad youthful , with a little bit of edge . Gone are the bamboo management system with which we 've become accustomed to in the past five years ; instead , these bags boast sleek pushlocks against a host of exotics both dark and colorful . Gucci 's success with snakeskin accessories in the state for the past few seasons , and I was happy to find the word with it ; You will be hard - pressed to find a more beautiful Python in the bag .
They live here , they live here , they 're finally here ! Gucci Spring 2013 handbags , that is . I 've been waiting for this to drop since it debuted on the runway last fall , and that day has finally come . Fortunately for me , the bag is shiny , new and modern as they feel their way back in September .
Most of these bags in Gucci dubbed the Bright Bit , which include ultra - streamlined clutches , shoulder bags and totes in , you guessed it , bright colors . They all topped off with the red bottom shoes signature horse bit , which makes the designs have a strong blend of both modernism and Gucci - flavored traditionalism . It is a hard line to walk , but the bag reaches very good . Spring also includes a colorful update on the Gucci stirrup , which is a welcome development . To look at our favorites from the spring below is all the new Gucci in Neiman Marcus .
I owe you all a very Purseonals for some time , and even if it had at the time , I thought that this particular Purseonal is worth the wait . I fell in love with Gucci over again this fall and winter , so much so that now I go to my bag is Gucci Lady stirrup Top Handle Bag . Finished in the perfect burgundy hue , this bag combines structured ladylike design with touches of classic Gucci that know and love . At lunch recently , someone asked me how I liked the bag when the time I must say that it is this Gucci bag . So can I get into the details for you all !
It is true , I love Gucci . I always have . When I was in college , one louis vuitton of my first big purchases to Gucci and Fendi , and even if I go with the Fendi Spy bag at the time , Gucci also holds a special place in my heart . I 've followed closely over the years , and recently , its handbags wowed me more than I can even explain . The bags are my eye today is the beautiful Gucci Soho shoulder bag , a classic in a variety of shades but I have my sights set on a light blue .
With the bag costs continue to skyrocket , find a better - priced options may prove more and more difficult . I'm always looking for luxurious everyday bag , and that is what Gucci with this particular piece . I was pleasantly surprised at the price - $ 1,290 for a very spacious , functional design in leather . The long chain shoulder Strap provides a chic touch with its practicality , and the body language on its own . Against the chilly winter and spring blossoms , this bag will take you from season to season in a great price . Gucci for $ 1,290 .

Imagen de coachfax

Christian Louboutin

This is one of the first times we've seen Sandra carrying a bag of notable designer of all kinds , but what a selection of premium it has done here !

Curiously, there was a lot since we saw a celebrity holding a bag snakeskin PB , proof that the animal print trend is literally becoming more

moderate.The Artemis is a handbag Christian Louboutin was featured for its 20th anniversary. While the smallest clutch is a little funky, this great

tote is very comfortable to wear. With a feeling of Valentino , but all Christian Louboutin added touch , I would add that bag in my repertoire as a black

everyday bag .It should not surprise anyone that exactly Christian Louboutin was well represented on the 2013 Met Gala red carpet . Even the stars who

departed on the punk theme of the event ( and there were many of them who will not exactly enthusiastic ) , adding a pair of stilettos and many spikes

Louboutin or carrying one of his various sharp claws was a quick way to give a nod to the punk show without having to take too many risks or engage in a full

look , which is the way that both Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba have with their Christian Louboutin Spiked Marquise clutches.We all know celebrities and

the rest of the world knows and loves a good red -soled Christian Louboutin shoes , but many do not consider their daily bags as contenders in the accessory

world. I looked at michael kors the designs and change over the past two

seasons Christian Louboutin has really stepped up their game handbag . Emma seems to think too much and it looks like she simply can not get enough of her

Christian Louboutin Spikes Justine bag.If you live for all things Christian Louboutin, by the way, you're missing out on a much larger, ongoing

conversation on our sister site TalkShoes !It's kind of crazy , but it's also kind of fun , right? It makes the bag completely non - versatile - wear no

shoulder , not to go inside the strap and wear it as a clutch - but if you have extra money to blow on a python bag with a shoulder giant feather, then you

've probably had enough of bags and clutches cross in your closet that would not have to duplicate .I miss many things about college, and the crossword

from the University of Georgia student newspaper is probably much higher on the list than you expect. It was the perfect level of difficulty - I could finish

in about 45 minutes and feel because everything ultimately be victorious. Related : 45 minutes was about the length of a class period lecturer at UGA .

During my four years there, I have done hundreds of them.Choose square sequins in a range of shades between black and white looks quite cool compared to

the models listed in the bright, round alternative that we are all accustomed.Tomorrow we will show you the true beauty of this bag , but now here's a

look at a sketch of one of the six bags soon-to- be - louis vuitton bags

released. Here , Christian Louboutin Artemis Feathers . What are your thoughts?Get your online news brings with it a notable lack of crosswords, which

left a sad little space in my habits of procrastination since 2008. The Christian Louboutin Cleo sequined satin clutch is not literally a crossword puzzle in

the same way that Louboutin has a tape measure literal shoes, but when I ladle it is close enough for me.The second problem is the price. Net- a-Porter

offers this bag for $ 1295 ( unfortunately, this is a normal price for a product Louboutin ) . I know this is out of my budget , but I still think this is

potentially a great investment wardrobe . In particular , I know that this clutch will probably appeal mainly to a younger consumer , but I hope that women

of all ages are ready to take a walk on the wild side with some Louboutin . I know that if I were to buy this clutch , I carry beyond my twenties and I hope

others would too . Buy through Net -a- Porter for $ 1295.Everyone knows that your choice of travel bags is the key to the success or failure of your

imminent trip. Jessica Alba seems to have chosen well here, beyond its luggage case with Christian Louboutin Farida snake shopping tote . (It is hard to be

incognito at JFK airport when traveling with something as remarkable as Christian Louboutin . ) If snakeskin is not your bag ( two-way ), you can buy our

favorite version of Farida - this pink gray and neon colors muted - Net- louis vuitton outlet online

A-Porter for $ 2,195 .I love the purity of its lines and glazed finish, and while the bag has been updated from

the initial design of Sweet Charity , it remains close to the original . I still lean towards the shoulder / cross body bags as my new go to , and with the

holiday season upon us, I dream of a Christmas very Christian Louboutin . The price is $ 1695 by Christian Louboutin .Society Louboutin is known for its

cheeky take on luxury goods , so I can not see why he would translate the success of shoes Trash a garbage bag . The problem with this implementation ,

however, is that even if the bag is relatively small, the waste material is just a big square .Taylor Swift is not someone who appears on PB very often,

despite the fact that not claim a designer bag hiding respectable . And yet , here is Taylor leaving the gym in West Hollywood wearing a dark green Christian

Louboutin Farida Tote - a bag Personally , I think is fairly unknown , although I certainly prefer Farida in its multi-tonal variations. You can get the tote

Taylor in black for $ 1895 at Barneys .Glitter strappy sandals make for perfect evening shoes and Christian Louboutin nails with this pair. For all your

spring and summer parties , do not forget to choose the perfect dancing shoes , and I think this pair is perfect !And if you do buy it and you feel even

more expensive , get the dress Victoria Beckham Net- a-Porter style , too - the blue is a louis vuitton store

perfect accent for the feathers and the dress is pretty minimal that provides a perfect backdrop for the plumage of

the bag. Buy through Net -a-Porter for $ 8,995 . ( We told you it was crazy. ) If you are interested , dress coordination Beckham is $ 2135 , also by Net-a-

Porter.Bethenny Frankel former Real Housewife was recently spotted carrying a shoulder bag Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity schlubbing in all the

puddles in New York. I do not particularly like the whole Bethenny here , for reasons you can probably guess , but I'll take a bow adorned with fabulous bag

, Christian Louboutin heels on a pair of fab - but - foot - killing Louboutin, n ' any day. You can now pick up the red and gray color of this bag for $ 1695

at Net- a- Porter.Imagine Artemis wander through the desert with this bag metallic python shoulder with intense across the shoulder sharp nails . Come

to think of it , this bag gives the plot while showing power, which is normal .Did you know that the Department of shoe flagship store in New York City

Saks Fifth Avenue has its own zip code? He does, and believe me , it is very good. If you're in the New York area , plan a trip to the store and set aside a

few hours to browse shoes. Of course, you can not talk about shoes without mentioning the master himself : Christian Louboutin and to be honest , we think

Mr. Louboutin bags have become indispensable accessory in the world as well .Knee boots are my kind louis vuitton handbags of accessory and Christian Louboutin gets it right . The natural black, gray, white and textured

python with a thin heel and subtle platform of the island makes these boots both portable and sexy. Python is still a major trend and I have an itch for

these boots.A touch of tribal paired with a futuristic atmosphere , these colorful metallic sandals add the perfect pop of color to your wardrobe this

spring. I would like to associate these with white jeans and leave my shoes to be the focal point of my outfit .For this couple , however, I probably do

not have to . Unfortunately, I have not been able to find pricing information this particular design , but Pigalles generally executed within three high

figures . With paint swirling neon recalls the work of Jackson Pollock, who was appointed design , this pair may be my favorite Pigalles ever. Get more

information or shop via Christian Louboutin via Net-a- Porter.On the other hand , I'm in a love-hate relationship with Christian

Louboutin bags , but Bikini pocket immediately caught my attention. Royal blue beautifully represents the watersnake zip top bag that is offset by a silver-

colored chain link strap . The interior of the course has a red lining grosgrain with a slip pocket .This clutch is another example of my growing love

for all things Louboutin . Christian Louboutin has a knack for taking ordinary accessories and loaded with details and embellishments to make them unlike

others on the market . I personally love Louboutin is that you never know what concoction that will create. His aesthetic is one that Louis Vuitton Sale never disappoints me - I like things a little on the wild

side. With this in mind , the clutch leather Christian Louboutin Spiked Marquise is just another bag I added to my wish for when I save enough money, or win

the lottery , whichever comes first .We talked at length about some of the bumps that Louboutin found in the design of handbags, it is the undisputed

king of shoes, but be good at one type of accessory does not always lead to success when it comes to designing other . I still like the python that is the

essence of this bag finish, and Sweet Charity has long been my favorite forms of handbag Louboutin , but I seriously question the trim flying much of the

visual interest from python bag .If I had known that the Christian Louboutin Marquise clutch would go out, I would have waited to write this post. This

bag can be the first one I 've ever seen that actually allow you to stab a mugger , a cheating husband , that jerk in front of you in line at the target,

whatever strikes your fancy knife. I wonder if this bag could be classified as a deadly weapon ?These pumps are for Barbie girl . While they are

available in black and nude , hot pink caught my attention. Pigalle is a classic Christian Louboutin and bright color screams spring.It is not

surprising that Christian Louboutin, a man who has found success in adorning the soles of shoes with red lacquer, seek to find a way to distinguish the

handbag market by his own band louis vuitton on part of underestimated the anatomy

of the handbag: the strap. Thus comes the line of bags Louboutin Artemis , who dispose of epaulette with fortune with all violent -looking spikes to more

exuberant multicolored feathers Shoulder Bag Christian Louboutin Artemis 20th anniversary Feathers .The clutch Marquise is a solid choice - functional ,

despite its long sharp spikes on each end. Miranda opted for an elegant silver version of python , while Jessica punk favorite black.Check on looks full of

ladies below and let us know what you think about this clutch removed best - Jessica or Miranda?The Christian Louboutin Spring Collection has arrived at

Saks and each element is better than the other . The perfect girly pink pump for an edgy black bag, you should check all arrivals spring Christian Louboutin

Saks has to offer. I was very hard to take new favorites , so be sure to check out the entire offer .If you want a little punk of your own, pick up this

clutch for $ 1995 black leather or shop the full store on punk Moda Operandi .If you know Kylie Minogue, then you know it takes its accessories ,

including shoes , very seriously. Barely five feet tall, the pop star megafamous the world likes to get an extra lift from high heels, no matter what the

occasion . Not only that, but his penchant for life heels made ??her choice of shoes a little more adventurous than your average star - it is not Lady Gaga

levels of crazy, but it is to make a statement as solid shoe.Edges serrated leather, shiny gold chain bracelet and michael kors handbags leopard haircalf also do not design favors. I 've

long been a fan of the idea that too much is never enough , especially when it comes to accessories , but this bag is just too much. Buy through Neiman

Marcus for $ 895.The Sweet chairty clutch is the perfect option when you are looking for an accessory that is both fun and chic. I like adding extra

punch with haircalf leopard while black braided calf complete the look. The chain - link arc signature add-on for this bag and it works wonders . Fully lined

in red, this clutch combines every bit of Christian Louboutin I know and I love.Looking through pictures of street style during Fashion Week is always

fun and almost always me start doing mental math budget to see if I can perhaps can justify the purchase of , say, a coat covered feathers giant this month ,

but rarely do street style photos stop me in my tracks. Yesterday, while browsing through the photos of Phil Oh for , this is exactly what happened

. Saints shoes, you guys. I can not think of a single piece that deserves to be more subject to our Want Wednesday affections of Christian Louboutin Pigalle

Christian Louboutin Outlet Pollock.Christian Louboutin has

worked hard to bring awareness of the collections of handbags to match its world famous shoes , and the line is on the right track . The brand has the

transition , which bears the signature of irreverence Louboutin all its accessories, and therefore the handbag the following brand continues to grow. I like

a shoe with red sole , but I was finding myself love bags and recent Louboutin . One of the best designer bag is the classic Sweet Charity hand, and I 'm

digging the design of this season more.Last night, sometimes totally unexpected occurs: Real Housewives of Orange County went from a cold . Canada , to

be exact , after a quick explanation that Lydia is Canadian if they all go to Canada . Yes, it was all the explanation for the large group travel, and as far

as I remember, the first time the tour was even mentioned was about 30 seconds before all boarded the limousine for the airport. Whatever! All the ladies

were off to a ski resort so they can have a new set of decorations for their arguments on the same old things .First, I question the reasoning for

naming this bag Christian Louboutin Artemis Studded Python Shoulder Bag , as Artemis comes from ancient Greek mythology. The daughter of Leto and Zeus, and

the twin of Apollo, Artemis is the goddess of the wilderness , the hunt and wild animals, and fertility. So the body and beautiful skin this bag is the

beauty of Artemis while studs massive points symbolize her being a huntress .I 've long been a proponent of small underestimated , but the line of

Christian Louboutin bag . Bags Louboutin have many of the same charms of her shoes - edgy retailer, signature red pop - and unlike his shoes , there is no

prospect of physical pain after the first hour ! That being said, you probably would not want to trigger a flight of stairs mixed metal Olivia Wilde

Christian Louboutin Spiked Panettone Tote Bag . You can claim this as your own Panettone for $ 2,395 michael kors at Neiman Marcus .The only thing I liked shoes snake skin speckled paint that was that they were simple , visual

texture was allowed to speak for itself without other voices trying to drown him.I searched PurseBlog and realized that we only have a handful of

messages ( most likely) my favorite color : cobalt blue . Blue has always been my color, but there is something about a shocking bright blue that is not too

aggressive, but still attracts me so strongly . Celine did wonders and I count myself as one of the few and one of the lucky ones to own a Cobalt Blue Celine

luggage tote.More on TalkShoes , I mentioned several times that the natural python paint splattered seen on several spring 2012 shoes Christian

Louboutin is my favorite exotic finish the master of the shoe ever made and one of my favorite finishes python ever, people .In these photos , Minogue

wears Christian Louboutin calf hair shoes , which is one aspect of the conservative enough for her shoe , believe it or not. This is not conservative, on the

other hand , is Christian Louboutin Farida Kylie Messenger Bag - red panels, pink and beige Colorblocked with bold black accents stand out strongly against a

set in black . We think this is one of the best bags Louboutin so far - what do you think ? Check out more photos after the jump or pick your own bag

Louboutin Farida by Neiman Marcus for $ 1595.Jessica attended the gala wear ( and arm ) Tory Burch, while Miranda went and was with Michael Kors , two

louis vuitton outlet American designers who do not continue the punk

aesthetic in the least. Both have a decent job to choose their dresses (if you look closely , lace dress Jessica is actually leather, which is pretty punk)

without straying too far from aesthetic principles punks account given the designers with whom they worked, and they chose the boldest accessories define the

look.With the length of the spikes, I would not be surprised if the security of the airport you pulled aside for an additional look at this bag if they

were to find in your luggage. Keep this in mind for future travel plans - if you want to make this clutch ( or wear matching shoes ) to your final

destination, they should probably be placed in your checked baggage. Once you have reached your destination , people knife the content of your little heart .

Buy through Net -a- Porter for $ 1295.I 've been a fan of this elegant ruched clutch Christian Louboutin for some time , and the chartreuse version of

suede for spring immediately caught my attention. Suede calf buttery smooth and under the signature black top work together perfectly . This bag will add the

perfect pop of color to your spring wardrobe accessory.I have a little crush on Emma Roberts. I 've seen quite a few events and it always seems like a

good accessible and daughter together , the kind of girl that you would like to have lunch and do some shopping. It does not hurt that she is the niece of

Julia Roberts, but Emma has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry michael kors outlet online

difficult to grasp and it seems that the fashion industry has taken a liking to itself especially because of

its casual style daily and ease of change prim and proper for events.Happy 20th anniversary of the famous Christian Louboutin ! To celebrate 20 years of

amazing bags and shoes, Christian Louboutin Capsule Collection was released which has 20 models of iconic shoes and 6 bags that have been redesigned to

celebrate the occasion. The collection is shown on the official Facebook page Louboutin .In case nobody noticed , Jessica took a long break from movies

after having a second child, but it has recently plunged straight into the pool head first by showing his roles in both Sin City and Machete for their

respective suites, each must come out later in 2013. We will all see much more of Jessica soon enough ! In the meantime, you can get your dose Alba browsing

its Pradas and Proenza Schoulers in " The many bags of Jessica Alba ."Here actress Emmy Rossum , star of Showtime's Shameless and the upcoming film

Beautiful Creatures , shopping in West Hollywood with his burgundy and black Christian Louboutin Farida tote. Personally, I love this bag, even if it cradles

rather obviously the style of Celine Luggage Tote ( face strange bag, flared gussets ) . I particularly like the gray and neon pink color alternatives

available for $ 2195 at Net- A- Porter.It's been a while since we had the opportunity to talk about handbags Christian Louboutin . Although not as

ubiquitous as its platform pumps , bags have their own unique appeal . ( No bright red background louis vuitton if bright red lining right. Which was certainly an oversight on the part of someone , I think. )Have you ever

seen a bag with nails out how Christian Louboutin has done on his shoulder bag Artemis Python? Because I did not. In fact , this bag intrigue and worries me

.Or, I suppose, already called your bag "trash" is a way to define the specific expectations of what it will look like to your clients. This is the

optimistic decision , I guess.Pigalle form has always been a base cupboard incredibly sexy, but the real beauty of the work of Louboutin is many and

varied ways it is cleverly to beautify each form in its arsenal , the thin stylus platform chunkiest . He turns every pair of shoes that makes a statement ,

which is why Louboutins are one of the few shoes that I could see myself shelling four counts of possession .Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting ,

wild animals and the desert, among other things, so that the bright plumage on this particular bag Artemis makes more sense than others. Would you wear

something ... this fat? Discover what it looks like on a model after the jump , and then we'll discuss .The small touches of color add just the right

amount of the signature Louboutin mind to the skin without obscuring its natural beauty, and I was in love with her ??since I saw Blake Lively wore a pair of

shoes at the 20th party birthday Louboutin at Barneys a few months ago . Fortunately, Louboutin has seen fit to bring the material to handabgs with michael kors outlet shoulder bag Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Python.

However, if something is a little off.A few months ago , I wrote a funny little message on the bags that could be used as weapons. As penchant for

fashion embellishment grows increasingly inescapable , it seems that most high-end accessories can be reused for self- defense in case of emergency , and

with prices that designers charge is frankly a good thing they have the added utility.Feminine and flirty, a pink floral print pump as it reminds me

Lisa Vanderpump . Lisa loves Louboutins and the color pink, I could easily see in these shoes. And this is a major compliment, as I just love it and I also

love these shoes.In everyday life , the idea of ??this bag looks a little cool , but I really think it would be wrong. I have a big head and if I turn

my head to the side and landed on the shoulder strap ? Or the fact that you can not really hold the bag by the shoulder without getting through some pain. I

know Mr. Louboutin like spikes, but I still do not think they work that way on a bag. Buy through NAP for $ 1995.While Taylor is still dripping in the

designer while on the red carpet in his everyday life , his gaze is much more discreet. Many bags she wears are not creative at all, but things much more

feasible for crowds of fans of Taylor Swift . I do not think it was an accident , many of her fans are tweens and teens who are too young to get gucci purses hung up on several thousand dollars handbags because they " understand the

value of money " not ( to borrow a phrase from my dear old dad . )If you want an overview of the rest of the rather epic Bethenny , Hermes bag -tastic

cache, see " The many bags Bethenny Frankel . " And if you are more than one type West Coast Real Housewife of guy or girl , feel free to browse " The many

bags of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills " , natch .Many times I watch a bag that I find absurd for our Fill in the blank category, but this week I

'm changing , it will show you a bag I love. You too ? Buy through Barneys for $ 995 .Olivia has recently made this tote to a recording of Jimmy Kimmel

Live - her fianc¨¦ Jason Sudeikis was the featured guest . We saw many a celebrity wearing Louboutin Sweet Charity bags , which come in a rainbow of colors,

patterns , and leather (there's even a version with spikes ! ), But this bag CL is relatively new on the scene. In fact, the Panettone Shopper has been

presented at the Fall 2013 collection Louboutin . What is your opinion on Panettone , PB readers?Looking to make a statement with your shoes? These gold

Christian Louboutin pumps draw the attention of everyone within 5 block, and not in a bad way . The metallic leather snake print features a sparkling shine

covered platform and goldtone metal tip . Pair them with jeans or the perfect little black dress to make a louis vuitton purses

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seeing a version of it in person , I was just as hooked as Emma seems. The leather is super soft , but strong enough to withstand daily use, what a designer

bag should be. As far as the retail tip may turn some away from the bag , this would lure me it in.With thick turquoise and red leather also vying for

attention , it feels like Louboutin should have two ways: either totally amped up the design using the added texture of suede instead of boring plain leather

or tonic all a little snakeskin . As it is, the design is missing a little something that is hard to describe. Buy through Net -a-Porter for $ 2,495

.The Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Sotto Pelle is the update version of the original with smooth leather construction and a new , exclusive to

Christian Louboutin, which combines the quality and smoothness. This bag is built around a wooden frame to give more structure and the edge has a weave that

creates a light picnic geometric pattern. The bow on the front of the bag has been altered as well , with rounded studs and contrasting leather.There is

nothing to break , so all you see is bits of string , which could be a lace , a gold leaf and a piece of a torn envelope. Perhaps the material would work

better as a base so it would be more difficult to identify its contents.Another redeeming factor of this design is that it is not absolutely clogged

with embellishment . Each square or gucci outlet online a rectangle is

carefully placed , and some of them correspond perfectly to the underlying tissue with the exception of the difference in texture . This creates a very

careful elegant effect that is often missing when flakes start to be applied to a clutch. Christian Louboutin is not always compelled to make a large bag,

but this time he succeeded admirably . Priced at $ 2095 by Net -a- Porter.We hope you visit our sister site , , but if you did not , we

would like if you want to be part of your online reading every day. After all, shoes and bags go together like chocolate and caramel ! TalkShoes today , we

discuss the coveted Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spike .I think Rue La La may have just hit the vein . Functions today Christian Louboutin shoes sale

update (there are some bags too !) And ladies , this is incredible. Think black basic models that never go on sale , as well as seasonal items you might have

missed . There are a handful of items from the collection of art also coveted . I will not waste more of your time - get over to Rue La La when the sale

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problem is the size. I hope you do not plan to Michael Kors Outlet Online

carry too much with you because the depth of this clutch is two inches ! Two thumbs up! This is not much space to carry your accessories. But it is worth the

sacrifice to make light when you realize the amount of compliments and looks you receive when lugging this thing around .There are some things about

this clutch that I really like , beyond its resemblance to the distance - a pun that I love. First of all, I love the square sequins . Fashion was filled

with sequins and rhinestones and sequins for what appears to be the last five years ( but is probably closer to the last year and a half ), but selected for

sequins bags were almost exclusively round .Here Sandra Bullock is on a restaurant opened in London by a large entourage acting human buffer between

Sandra and her overzealous English fans / paparazzi. Sandra is currently in the UK promoting her new movie with Melissa McCarthy , The Heat. Her bag is the

superb luxury Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity python bag handpainted , available for $ 3595 at Net- a- Porter.Christian Louboutin has long been the

"trash" shoes, which are traditional pumps or shoes made ??from material covered patent that you see here. Because the shapes are classic and there is not

much surface I always thought that the shoes have worked , at least for a certain client. The trash bag Christian Loboutin Lou , on the other hand ? Not so

much.I like the detail tip is tonal , because it gives a more feminine appeal of the bag too rocker edge . In red bottom shoes fact , I turn a girl shoe Christian Louboutin Christian

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